Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Zine Review: She Must Be Having a Bad Day #2

This slim zine is an example of one of my favorite genres - an excursion into the daily reality of someone's vocation. She Must Be Having a Bad Day #2: The Cult of the Female Service Worker goes behind the scenes into the work of your waitress or barista. For me, eating at a restaurant is a rarity and a privilege, for some (both staff and customers) it is their daily routine. The situations discussed in this zine did not surprise me. For more information check out

Monday, June 13, 2011

Zine Review: Busking

Have you ever imagined having a job that provides for your basic economic needs, involves doing something you love, and allows you to interact with different people everyday? Celeste introduces you to her world through her words and drawings in “Busking - life on the other side of the accordion”. Celeste is a street musician living in Canada, and she fills her days both busking and working on projects she loves. Her enthusiasm for performing, music, and life infuses every page of this diligently crafted publication. Busking is quarter sized, 26 pages, and available from 2029 Kline Street Halifax Nova Scotia B3L 2X4.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Zine Review: Angry Violist #3

If you've ever heard certain Nick Drake songs, you've heard the musical arrangements of Mr. Robert Kirby, who added strings to Nick's genius to create a timeless sound. A tribute to the late Mr. Kirby appears in Angry Violist #3, a zine that celebrates viola playing and related topics. Issue #3 teaches you how to amplify a viola, how to wean yourself off relying on sheet music, and about the folk music of the Hardanger fiddle. The music lover in me hopes to find more issues of this zine, quick! Angry Violist #3 is available from msvaleriepark distro.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Zine Review: Biblio-Curiosa #1

I'm going to begin this review by talking about hierarchies. Why? I hear so much about the zine scene being egalitarian. Every zine is as legitimate as every other zine. And on one level, this is true. It's a miracle that so many people pour so much of their talent into creating images and words on paper. But on another level, we all have personal preferences. For example, I'm not going to review zines that are about how cute the writer's new girlfriend is, or zines that try to prove to the reader that the author is a victim of this-or-that (including their own gender) and I'm unlikely to review the 200th zinester that chronicles every centimeter of their latest bike trip or punk rock show.

Chris Mikul's zines embody the reason for this blog and are of the highest quality being published today. Biblio-Curiosa explores four unique books and their authors. These authors were immersed in the muse of their craft - they had to write - and their zealous literary creations are fascinating. Most of these books are extremely obscure and will definitely not be found at your local Barnes & Noble. Based on Chris Mikul's research and description, if I came across a copy of Adams Farr's 1944 novel The Fangs of Suet Pudding in an attic or a flea market somewhere I would jump for joy.

Biblio-Curiosa is 44 pages, half legal, an essential read. Send at least $5.00 (I suggest 8 to 10, seeing how the cost of postage is outrageous) to Chris Mikul, PO Box K546, Haymarket NSW 1240, AUSTRALIA.

Zine Review: Confessions of a Book Snob

I suspect that most zine readers have a nuanced relationship with books & literature. Some of us live the cliche of "so many books so little time". Imagine that stack of books we'd read if work or school or other projects didn't get in the way!

Apartment Cat's Confessions of a Former Book Snob is a reader-friendly 24 page zine where you will learn about the Dewey decimal system, books about books, and the author's choices of reading - even what she hasn't read. Confessions of a Former Book Snob has hand-sewn binding and comes with a mini zine sewn into the fold. This is a delightful zine in both graphics and content.

For more information check out http://apartmentcat.etsy.com