Friday, September 14, 2018

Cave People - Salt

I don't have much intel on this band, other than according to their Bandcamp page here is the personnel lineup:

Drums by Derrick Macias Brandon 
Guitar, Keyboards, and Bass by Russell Edling 
Guitar and Vocals by Dave Tomaine

Salt is a five song EP that veers through indie folk territory with a nod or two to the punk aesthetic. The strongest songs bookend this cassette Are You Looking and I Shall Believe. Little did I know that I Shall Believe is a Sheryl Crow cover - it's an outstanding, religious anthem to the need for comfort and honesty in relationships, which are not mutually exclusive. Salt is a major effort by a band that I hope will find its way into your ears in the not too distant future.

Woolen Warrior - Dear Crone

Dear Crone is an object of handcrafted beauty with indie folk sensibilities from Sam Gray & friends from the Olympia WA music scene. The tape comes in a hand-sewn, hand-stamped bag with a vellum insert. Unfortunately the insert does not contain song titles or lyrics, which would be appreciated. Why? Because the pond here is deep, lyrically this is a starling and truthful document. The title track Dear Crone is a searing folk blues that unmasks intense and fragile human relationships:

I'm the lantern that burns through the night 

you're the darkness that receives the light 
when I hear your name 
oh, please receive my light

These songs work together brilliantly like a musical river; moving past wellsprings of stark healing and beauty when least expected & end up leaning into the wind & rain - but not a cold wind, or a cold rain. Sometimes we ache for the light. And sometimes we are the light.