Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Kevin Krauter - Toss Up

Toss Up has been released on green vinyl (complete with a paper airplane) & cassette. I'm completely happy with the cassette version - mostly because my honest feeling is the $20 for the vinyl isn't worth it.

Toss Up is comprised of nine songs, most of which are pedestrian indie pop music. The lyrics don't plunge too deeply into the human condition; the music is fairly derivative, like an amalgamation of other indie music that sounds vaguely familiar. Both side closers, however, are exceptional. Restless is a scintillating slice of instrumental synth pop, and the titular Toss Up soars when it finally lifts off. Kevin Krauter is certainly an accomplished musician & I'm sure will go somewhere interesting from this point of departure.


Sunday, August 12, 2018

Life - Living

Alex Alexander of Mandala Eyes coaxes music out of moments both ethereal and earthy. Living is a cassette that was released back in 2010 and re-released in 2012 & features two meandering guitar, bass & drum improvisations (at least they feel like improvisations - in reality these are probably highly constructed and crafted pieces). My favorite of these two epic compositions is Suitcase Full of Letters which is a title I might borrow for a future zine! Apparently there were only 25 copies of this cassette released, which makes it all the more a treasure.


Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Fitzhugh Ralph Mason III - Fanny Pack

This cassette arrived without fanfare in a generic cassette with no printed titles. Apparently only ten copies of Fanny Pack were released. Minimalist, melodic, drifting grooves for the your summer drive - day, night, or evening. This cassette is a wonderful soundtrack to de-stress with: soothing, lo-key, highly enjoyable.