Thursday, November 16, 2017

Ha-Ha Mart: Family Denim

Artist: Ha-Ha Mart          
Title: Family Denim
Noumenal Loom  / 2017

In the past decade, interest in production library, test card, classroom projects, and even music for adverts (commercials!) has mushroomed, paving the way for a whole new generation of soundtrack-loving musicians with an offbeat sensibility. Vic Mars comes to mind as one of these neo-pioneers, and now Drew Price (Ha-Ha Mart). Family Denim fits like a comfy pair of jeans – there’s bubbling synths, soft guitars, rhythmic basslines, snappy melodies & even a dose of jazzy funk. This cassette plays over & over on my drives back & forth to work. With winter coming on, it’s a ray of musical sunshine. 

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Pleasure Systems - Antumbra Pull

Artist: Pleasure Systems               
Title: Antumbra Pull
Antiquated Future  / 2017

Rhythmic, hypnotic, a journey into the interior. Lyrics & melodies bubble into the subconscious – this may be murky territory that invades your dreams. Two tracks had me bristling, on the edge of my seat as I drove home this evening. “(Bathroom Stall) Prayer” with the line in a year I’ll learn to cry, you’re befriending all the shadows in the corners of my mind and the sheer shimmering hauntology (perfectly titled “Haunt Me” press your palms into my open mouth, push the sound out. Antumbra Pull is a space folk journey of the highest order.

Garbus and Bissette

Artist: Ruth Garbus / Danny Bissette       
Title: Split EP
Label / Year: OSR

There’s something charming (but slightly overpriced) about this EP from Ruth Garbus (of Feathers, etc) and Danny Bissette, denizens of Brattleboro VT. Ruth’s two tracks brim with ethereal vocals and layered meaning, Danny’s tracks are inventive, homemade, off-key. Rather than contrasting, these tracks blend into a cohesive whole and the tape is over way too quickly. This was released on the semi-defunct OSR label – a record label that I love for its and make-you-own-music-scene spirit. Good luck finding a copy of this one.