Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Soft Pastels - No Loss

Artist: Soft Pastels
Title: No Loss
Label / Year:  Sination / 2017

No Loss but increasing gain through listening to this brief yet musically generous seven track cassette. Timeless indie pop / rock that spans musical generations, with several tracks echoing the best tunes of the Abecedarians or For Against. Highly recommended for your autumn playlist!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Forest Fallows - At Home

Artist: Forrest Fallows
Title: At Home
Label / Year:  PIAPTK

Acoustic folk lounge samba indie pop? Forrest Fallows is the musical project of Mike & Alex. What they have created is the strongest debut record in recent memory, with nods to the Clientele & other indie mapmakers. Birdsong weaves in & out of At Home like clouds dissipating on a sunny day. The songs approach perfection but never veer into predictability. At Home is like having a favorite record the first time you listen. Released in cassette, vinyl & cd. I’m going to have to buy the vinyl just to have the bonus track!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Nick Keeling - Black Diamond Eulogy

We live in an era of overdubbing, multi-tracking, auto-tuning and studio trickery, and often what is missing from recordings is the soul of music. Nick Keeling has crafted a loving, expansive tribute to the America that we have lost in the past century - a prosperous, industrious era where communities thrived and mattered. Weaving vintage recordings & sound effects into these solo piano pieces, Nick brings the rusting cities of Lima, Cleveland, Detroit, Buffalo & others alive in sound - music that sounds like it was frozen in time decades ago on a portable cassette recorder. Black Diamond Eulogy is beautiful, haunting and mysterious as the reflections of these communities fade into memory.