Sunday, December 24, 2017

Louie Lemon - Le Mon

Artist: Louie Lemon        
Title: LeêMon EP
Self-released  / 2017

I love cassettes that capture the strange magic of a creative process; raw & real. Most of the songs on this cassette are sonically perfect for the medium of tape; they feel right at home floating out of an old Walkman where the batteries are running down, or crackling through a shortwave radio after midnight. These brief songs are musically & lyrically well crafted – guitar, percussion, keyboards, and a voice that is dusky and longing to be heard. There might even be a theremin (or is it musical saw?) woven into the mix. Three dollars very well spent!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

HiFi Envelope - Transitional Objects

I love exploring cassettes that are a challenge to review. Not to mention, to review briefly. If I keep waxing on about this, I will fill up this space with words without actually having to describe Transitional Objects.

Brian Lee is HiFi Envelope & he takes us on a sonic path from bubbling synth melodies to faux pop instrumentals. Side B is particularly beguiling, lifting off with a shimmering glow into the ionosphere then back to earth with a mellow denouement of bells & branches. The total scope of Transitional Objects is geometrical and geographical; moments of delight are scattered among moments of curiosity. Beauteous, bright, seriously calm, unwavering intensity. This is a trip worth signing up for. Headphones recommended.