Monday, May 21, 2018

Mini zine mini review: Moods

Here in New Hampshire we have dozens of covered bridges (four within a 10 mile radius of my house alone) so this zine caught my eye about a covered bridge in Pennsylvania. Very enjoyable writing, maybe a bit too brief, but a perfect homage to home & heritage.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Widest Smiling Faces - Milk Garden

The Widest Smiling Faces
Milk Garden
Already Dead Tapes / 2018

I’m already behind the curve when it comes to cassette culture; having spent so much of my life working 7 days a week and raising a family. Now that I am still employed but involved with pursuits that I love (to balance my career / income making life) I’ve found the cliché so much music so little time to be true.

I know nothing about the genesis or the genealogy of this music, so it was a lovely, and welcomed, surprise from the first note to last. When a cassette is as quietly astonishing as Milk Garden, you listen. Repeatedly. Perhaps it is the gauzy vocals bathed in purple lilacs; or hypnotic guitar patterns echoing subtly through filtered sunlight, or maybe it is the commanding organ of opening track “Be Nothing” that leads you through the threshold into the spiritual cathedral of your inner garden. This cassette is accompanied by a mini-zine (or chapbook) of a poetic nature – achingly beautiful words glancing upon opening one's self to love & dreams & rain. Milk Garden will be flowing in my inner ear for a long time to come.