Friday, April 20, 2018

Tremolo Ghosts - Gibraltar

Tremolo Ghosts

This might be the closest approach within the orbit of folky sea shanties that we will see this decade. Owen Chambers has crafted a sonic ode to solitude & seashores that rings both true and timeless. Owen crafts lyrics that soothe as well as disturb & melodies that we re-inhabit from hushed dreams of summers past. Gibraltar is a mature work that must be listened to in sequence and in its entirety. This is how you prepare for the undertow – by feeling into each subterranean pull and emerging back into the light.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Kenduskeag - Autumn 2017

I love mysteries when it comes to deciphering cassettes. Gleaning from Bandcamp, I see that the cassette was recorded in Orono Maine by Jesse Guerin. These instrumental tunes are mostly titled after dates, possibly the dates when the music was recorded. Regardless of the minimalist presentation, the music herein is wonderful and timeless lo-fi guitar & keyboards with effects & wah-wah pedal. Enjoy! Limited to 10 copies!