Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Kevin Krauter - Magnolia

Artist: Kevin Krauter
Title: Magnolia
Label / Year:  Winspear 2015

Magnolia is a collection of six almost perfect songs by Kevin Krauter. There’s introspection, country-tinged rock, paired down acoustic folk, all feeling immediate and intimate. You might hear hints of Fleet Foxes in moments while listening, which got my attention rather than making this tape seem derivative. Definitely a cassette to revisit often.

Personal Favorite Tracks: Lazy River; Timepiece

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Summer Rental - Stay Gold

Artist: Summer Rental (Garrett Douglas)
Title: Stay Gold

Label / Year:  self released  2017

Oh my stars! Fifty years after the summer of love we have the summer of cassette love  – music that resonates down the ages. Performing as Summer Rental, Garrett Douglas has created an EP of stunning songscapes. Some of these tunes would have been right at home on an Independent Project Records release back in the day, and some shimmer with echoes of bands like The Clientele. Glorious heartfelt songs to wear out your tape heads.

Personal Favorite Tracks: Sunburns; Be My Rushmore; Washington; Tell Me Why (that’s all of them, folks!)  

Friday, July 14, 2017

Rootless - Sculptures Deep Within The Cave

Artist: Rootless
Title: Sculptures Deep Within The Cave
Label / Year:  Cabin Floor Esoterica  2017

Solo acoustic guitar in a very cool edition of 100 cassettes packaged in a small chipboard box with inserts.  Beautifully written and/or improvised meditations that drift and flow with structure and silence.  

Personal Favorite Tracks: Green Mountains, Blue Skies; Blue Skies, Green Mountains; Music In the Trees

Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Journals Kept: War Trails

Artist: The Journals Kept              
Title: War Trails
Label / Year: CassetteLand 2017

Though it is high summer, these may be dark times for those of us who work indoors, in offices, away from the redeeming warmth of the sun. Music keeps us connected with the threads of humanity within. Threads of shadow, and threads of hope weave through these 16 tracks, a generous cassette release from The Journals Kept (Faith & Paul Vittum). The Journals Kept hail from rural New Hampshire, and in moments the songs and sounds on War Trails seem hedged in. We’re often unable to see the horizon through the dense forests here in the North, and as a result we are forced to look inward. These songs are self-reflective in the finest sense, not mere intellectual exercises, always bordering upon the spiritual sphere of experience.  

Musically, War Trails also borders upon perfection, full of keyboards, crunchy guitars, and exceptional drumming. In an era where nothing in this world is what it seems, or what it means, we’re able to delve into our journals and journeys with a creative fire. War Trails is a soundtrack, and a gift, for our voyages, both internal and external.

Personal Favorite Tracks: Doors of Ireland, Goodbye (great blue whale), Boys at War, Northern Sounds, Nothing in this world, Keys to the City.