Monday, February 6, 2017

Grassroots Reflections February 2017

Grassroots Reflections is a Cooperative Press Association journal published four times a year by Arnold Hollander. Arnold proposes a theme, and invites contributors to use their creativity to write poems, essays and fiction based upon the theme. February's theme was "Tradition"  & includes a plethora of perspectives from six writers (including your intrepid blogger.) My favorite piece in Grassroots Reflections Number 41 is a story exposing small yet profound family moments in At The First Seder. A generous selection of well-crafted poetry is offered by Judy Turek that explores Christmas, Oral Tradition, and even the Death of Decency. There is also a travelogue recounting a San Francisco Journey as experienced by Arnold and Barbara Hollander complete with color photography. Bias warning: I am a regular, enthusiastic participant in Grassroots Reflections. That said, I urge readers to check out a sample copy. You are unlikely to be disappointed. For more information write to Arnold at 1598 Old Mill Road Wantagh NY 11793-3237. Yes this is an offline, papernet journal!