Monday, September 26, 2011

Zine Review: Martha Stewart's Prison Reader of Blather & Malarkey

Dear Tar,

I’m calling you Tar because you said I could call you Tar. You don’t sound like a boring person unless you’re a lot like me. I had three kids, own my house (well the bank owns it), and write for my own sanity.

Anyone who bursts on the scene with a zine titled Martha Stewart’s Prison Reader of Blather & Malarkey is worthy of my attention. You’ve created an amazing zine here in every sense. I wish more zines had cool quotes and a table of contents. I wish more zines had a vision of presenting a variety of writing – essays, fiction, poetry, parables. I also wish more zines had patron saints of Jackalicism.

While we’re still above ground we need to struggle against depression and oppression. I appreciate how your zine does both, with a twist of lemon. Your welcoming comments made me think you were Richard Brautigan reincarnated “I’ve waited my whole life for you to get to this very sentence.” And your Zounds! A Confession echoes my own recent musings about the current and future state of ink on paper. I will never abandon books and print for the tyranny of technology.

I’m looking forward to future issues – if they’re going to be this engaging, bring on the Blather. And the Malarkey.

Note: Readers can find this zine by clicking on this link or by sending $3 cash to Tarnation Collins @ PO BOX 4377, Tulsa, OK 74159

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