Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Zine Review: Junior Careers - Piltdownlad #3

Junior Careers
Piltdownlad #3
28 pages / $2 or trade
PO Box 86714
Los Angeles CA 90086

Even though I grew up in New Hampshire, I totally relate to this zine about a teenaged door-to-door candy salesman trying to scrape a few bucks together in the San Gabriel Valley (California). I remember my numerous preadolescent misadventures peddling Grit Magazine and other various sundries in my small neighborhood. In Junior Careers, Kelly recalls in vivid detail interactions with the bossman, customers, and how he wanted to escape from home and make some cash at the same time. There are incidents with tough bullies, police seeking permits, drunks, and other candy salesmen. Kelly’s direct writing style draws the reader into the scene and immerses you in that time and place – I can almost feel the sidewalks beneath my feet & hear the bossman growling. Now if I only had some chocolate seashells…  

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Kell said...

Thanks for the review. The zip code should be 90086. I think my rubber stamp can be a bit illegible sometimes.