Thursday, July 5, 2012

Zine Review: The Opera Glass #60

I am convinced that the way forward with zines in the digital age involves a look at the past: creating well written journals with original and compelling content. Ideally, zines & journals will be “offline” (print only) possibly supplemented with an online presence. Having expressed that, I am sure there are dozens of people who will counter with the way forward being zines published via Kindle and e-readers. There is probably room for both approaches in the universe.

The Opera Glass No. 60 (April 2012) is the first issue of this unique publication I have read. The Opera Glass is edited by Iris J. Arnesen, and exudes an abundance of enthusiasm for opera and the local theater scene in Tucson AZ. Issue No. 60 goes behind the scenes at a production of Inherit the Wind, then segues into a detailed education on Orfeo ed Euridice. Iris takes the reader on a tour of the mythical Elysian Fields and then writes reviews of productions staged in Tucson in early 2012. The Opera Glass also includes a correspondence section. The Opera Glass is one of a growing number of zines that are made without the use of computers. 

Like excellent theater, zines also carry the potency and potential to transport us to distant times or different cultures, educate us and elicit emotion. This zine has me thinking about ways to disconnect from the television and connect with live performances, and perhaps hunt down some opera records (ah vinyl!) … The Opera Glass is a generous & gracious journal that I hope to read for years to come. 

Write to: Iris J. Arnesen 219 N Euclid Avenue Tucson AZ 85719

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