Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Zine Review: Thrifty Times #1

Thrifty Times #1

Full disclosure: I produce a weekly radio show called Radio Thrift Shop & some of the music I play is from LPs, cds and tapes I’ve stumbled upon in … yes, thrift shops! My only regret is there are damned few thrift shops within my typical travel range here in New Hampshire - the only city within a 25 mile radius is Concord NH and there are precious few thrift shops in Concord.

Before I read Thrifty Times #1, I knew I’d enjoy this zine & I was not disappointed. Sarah starts off the premier issue describing a Garfield (the comic strip cat) telephone. She also muses about why there is an abundance of cassette tapes at thrift stores (note: cassettes are slowly becoming my music medium of choice – again!). We learn what a tanuki is & are treated to a selection of Better Homes & Gardens Cookbooks from the 1960s, plus a record review of Herb Alpert’s Going Places (a classic!). Completely delightful. Thrifty Times is currently on its eighth issue and going strong. My advice: subscribe now, and happy thrifting.  

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