Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Zine Review: Rise Fall Repeat #3

Rise Fall Repeat #3
by Isidro "de La Luna" Fox
42 pages / digest
$7 for b&w version     $14 for color version
PO Box 4528
Anaheim CA 92803

This edition of Rise Fall Repeat follows Fox's established format of gorgeous photography overlayed with cut&paste narrative. This issue feels like a dichotomy: there are some musings that, in a few words, paint astonishing insights into the human condition. At the same time there are some personal ramblings about a traumatic incident (possibly more than one incident ) that feel out of place here and are confusing to this reviewer, knowing nothing about the incident or the people involved. If these writings were published in a separate zine it would help this issue feel more holistic and less disjointed. There are moments however when Rise Fall Repeat is breathtaking.

Editorial digression: I'm almost tempted to say that this zine is overpriced. However, I know what it is like to be on the receiving end of that comment (thank you, gods of Microcosm). One can not assign a price to zines, because their value goes beyond any currency. Rise Fall Repeat is the type of zine that one can revisit and absorb over time. It may include snapshots of the author's thoughts in a particular place and time, yet one that resonates long after you've read it.

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