Friday, October 27, 2017

Illuminated Paths 451

Artist: Whalez X Cobra
Title: Midnight Sounds / Dystopian Future
Label / Year:  Illuminated Paths  / 2017

It’s nearing midnight. You find an abandoned cassette player in the street, tape still running. There’s drama in the humid air. Maybe a hint of adventure. Yet the batteries are running down, and from a passing vehicle you hear the static of a forgotten radio. The red pulse of a radio tower shimmers in the distance. Is this a novel of your own invention? It’s Y2K & all those technical difficulties are melting like a chalkdust Dali scrawled upon the sidewalk. No worries – there’s a lunar spa and a beautiful garden just on the other side of that clockface.

Unplug your TV. Listen to this instead.

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