Thursday, September 19, 2019

Resisting Capitalism for Fun by Laura-Marie

Resisting Capitalism for Fun

Life shouldn’t be a struggle & neither should resisting capitalism! Laura-Marie talks about being anarchist, living in community, and gives dozens of meaningful methods for dealing with capitalism. Her writing comes from lived experience and reading this zine is like reading a hope-full letter from an insightful friend. We are all immersed in this broken system called capitalism – isn’t it time for something better? 

Personal statement: I’m a terrible capitalist and have never felt comfortable with the corporate economic system that turns us into commodities and products. Capitalism has been responsible for depersonalization, objectification, rampant consumerism, and the de-valuing of human relationships in general. So this is a timely and much needed zine as we seem to be living in a system that values “wealth” and “profit” above everything else, even our mother earth. Resistance is not futile.

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