Monday, April 30, 2012

Zine Review: Ray X - X Rayer

Thank the chariot of the gods that someone is publishing a newsletter / zine like Ray-X X-Rayer. It comes out on a regular basis & goes for the esoteric jugular with crisp writing and intriguing articles. #87 includes a discussion on prophet of doom Nancy Leider of, everything you need to know about Peggy Bowles & her rosary workout (move over Jane Fonda) and more. #88 reveals some of the goings-on via the Liberty Net (a shortwave amateur radio operator network that broadcasts on 3950 khz). Ray X X Rayer #89 delves into the hyperlogic razors of Alex Jones and David Chase Taylor. I suggest sending Ray X a few dollars to support his zine-ing endeavors & reading these newsletters for yourself! Boxholder, PO Box 2 Plattsburg NY 12901-0002.  

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