Thursday, March 15, 2012

Zine Review: Deafula #2

The second issue of Deafula is an education unto itself. How many hearing people know that hearing aids and related costs are not covered by insurance? Why aren't we outraged? Hearing loss and the world we call "disability" are "minorities" that anyone can join at any time. We are born with the color of our skin, our gender and possibly even our sexual preferences, but anyone can lose their capacity for hearing, or have a spinal cord injury, or develop MS, Parkinsons, have a stroke, or encounter any myriad of challenges at any time. So why do we as a culture allow things like treatment for hearing loss (which I feel, like all of our senses, is an aspect of our overall health) to not be covered by insurance plans? 

You won't find many zines as informative and well presented as Deafula #2. Here's hoping there are more editions of Deafula in the works.

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