Sunday, March 4, 2012

Zine Review: How To Stay Warm In the Winter

How to Stay Warm in the Winter
by Dr Tropical
Dirt Palace Collective

14 Olneyville Square
Providence RI 02409

 If you live in the north, this zine is for you. I live in New Hampshire in an old, uninsulated house, and spend winters creating strategies on where and when to run electric heaters, which rooms to seal off, how many tons of pellets and cords of woods are needed to avoid freezing for 5 months out of the year. New Hampshire’s state motto should be Live Freeze and Die. So I’m familiar with the techniques and practical advice shared in How to Stay Warm in the Winter. This zine might be helpful for someone new to northern climes. Wear layers. Eat warm foods. When you’re cooking, use the oven for heat afterwards. Insulate. As I write this we've already turned the corner into March and while a Nor’easter is not out of the question, I can already feel the sunlight ready to burst into Spring. But I’ll keep this zine handy for next autumn, when the cycle starts all over again. 

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