Friday, March 2, 2012

Zine Review: Play It, Make It

Play It, Make It
A Tiny Book of DIY Games
by Rio

When I was a teenager, I discovered The New Games Book which was based upon principals of – imagine this!- cooperation. Since then more cooperative games books have emerged with alternatives to the cutthroat games we grow up with that teach us everything about competition and nothing abut real skills and values.

Play It, Make It delves into similar territory by creating games with little more than pens, cards and scrap paper. The games range from straightforward (one called “It’s Categories”) to somewhat more complicated (Werewolf) and the common theme here is creating your own fun without Milton Bradley or the Parker Brothers or the need for a Wii or computer. Play It, Make It is well written with easy to understand instructions and these games seem ideal for a gathering of friends. Play on! 

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