Monday, June 3, 2013

Zine Review: An Inside Job by Sylvie Michaud

Okay. We all know that we lead stressful lives. Every day, most of us work at thankless jobs with paychecks & benefits that keep shrinking, many of us deal with difficult bosses, customers, co-workers, family members, and random people we encounter on a professional or personal basis. If you watch TV “news”, add ten points to your stress score! Our very culture seems hell-bent on self destruction. In the midst of this, we have to maintain some sort of equilibrium in order to survive when what we need to do for ourselves and our well-being is thrive.

Sometimes we place all of our attention outside of ourselves, when the real waters we need to navigate are within. Spirit, soul, mind. Sylvie Michaud’s mini-book “An Inside Job: 32 Ways to Inner Peace” presents very clear, concise capsules of self-care concepts. She writes about turning down the noise, loving one’s self, letting go, being of service, and other methods to restore balance in our lives. A few sentenced on each topic speaks volumes.

This is nothing here that you haven’t heard before but we all need reminding. An Inside Job: 32 Ways to Inner Peace is highly recommended. For more information email

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