Monday, August 12, 2013

Zine Review: Glass Orchid #6

If I think about what are the elements I would want to see in an excellent culture related zine they would be:

  • Well researched articles regarding obscure records / music from the past
  • Interviews with less well known musicians
  • Introductions to newer music / releases
Glass Orchid #6 contains all of this and more. There is a lengthy essay regarding the religious folk / folk-rock vocal group The Montfort Singers and their chronology through a transformation into The Mission. This is a group that evolved over a number of recordings from liturgical pieces to full-on rock operas. This issue continues with some surreal comics (the best kind!), a review of gory Hong Kong b-movie productions, reviews of Tame Impala (a band I haven’t heard yet) and part three of an interview with David and Anthony, two unknown folk musicians who recorded one lone and impossible to find LP back in the day.

If you love haunting thrift shops, if your taste in music and culture defies the mainstream, Glass Orchid #6 is required reading. 


joseph kyle said...

Thanks for the tip! My journal that I sent you, called The Recoup, will satisfy two of those three needs--I hope you enjoy it!

Ducky said...

So glad you found this amazing zine as well. This is something I hate when it ends and have to wait for the next issue. I now read them slowly and after finishing read many times again. Great zine that has me at the mailbox in anticipation of the next issue.