Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Zine Review: Whistle Vol. 2 No.1

Whistle Zine
Volume 2 Issue 1

Only 40 copies of this issue produced. Booklet with watercolor paper covers, newsprint interiors inside a hand cut, lino stamped paper envelope. Copy edited by Kaitlin Allen. Designed, printed & assembled in a tiny room by Bridgette Blanton/Lady Grey Illustration & Design in the USA.

On occasion, an art journal will catch my eye and then my curiosity. Whistle Zine Volume 2 Issue One effuses creativity and vision with its blend of artwork, prose, poetry and design. It is a full color zine with crayon, pen and ink and watercolor illustrations. The centerpiece of this issue is a haunting tale by Chris Bird titled "The Sea Books" which is a timeless and imaginative parable.  Although most issues of Whistle Zine have themes - this one is a free floating compilation that interweaves contents into a welcoming dance. 

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