Thursday, April 25, 2013

Zine non-review: Xrisville #5

Xrisville Magazine
817-40 High Park Avenue
Toronto Ontario M6P 2S1

theme to xrisville:

When people send me their zines, and friendly, informative letters I feel compelled to write a decent review. Unfortunately, my time for zine reading / reviewing is limited so I tend to review zines that surprise me in enjoyable ways, so - not this time. I'll just say that free copies are supposedly available from the above addresses - read this zine for yourself! Xrisville states it is "a humor magazine of no fixed boundaries". I found the last half of that tagline to be true. As for humor? I'm off to watch Red Dwarf ...

1 comment:

Xrisville said...

Ouch! Well thanks for your time. I guess some things just aren’t for everyone. And free copies are indeed made available (for the time being), but no longer from the above address. Cheers, dude. Have a great and surprise-filled life.