Sunday, April 14, 2013

Zine Review: That's Not Okay

That’s Not Ok
Boundaries for the Conflict Avoidant
by Breanne Boland
5.5 x 5.5 / 32 pages / $4

Our entire culture suffers from a lack of personal boundaries and as a result, we are resentful, angry, passive-aggressive, overworked, and overextended doing things that inwardly we really don’t want to. We don’t know how to talk with one another, assert ourselves effectively, and get our needs met. That’s Not Ok is a clear, direct, understandable and immediately useful guide to how to create and sustain boundaries that work.

This zine explains what boundaries are, why they are necessary, how to be honest, how to say no, and how to practice making boundaries. None of us are perfect but we need to start somewhere. Making boundaries will help you regain a sense of self, a sense of clarity, and inner authority. That’s Not Ok also includes information on chakras, unspoken boundaries, and how to accept constructive criticism. This is all essential learning if we’re going to live more harmonious lives.

Look for this zine on etsy, I’m not sure of where else to find it. 

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