Friday, May 17, 2013

Zine Review: No No No This is Not a Zine #5

No No No (This is Not a Zine) #5
by Kim R. Cody
half letter / ? / try

Try thinking of all of the elements that combine to create a lovely zine – personal insights from the zine creator, artwork, something involving music, a poem or two … No No No (This is Not a Zine) #5 has all of it in spades. Kim gives us a glimpse of her musings as she sorts through collected flotsam and decides which is worth keeping and which items may be parted with. In a healthy life we are always sorting through our possessions, relationships, and perceptions, evaluating which serve us well and which make no sense to keep within our orbit. For those of us who grow attachments easily this can be a painstaking, bordering on anguishing process. Kim also shares some dada, a poem for Lawrence Ferlinghetti (who is now in his 90’s!), and some reasons why she is ending her zine. I’m not sure that I understand those reasons, other than sometimes creativity shifts and pulls us in other directions. For vivid writing, presentation, and substance you will find no finer read than No No No (This is Not a Zine).

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