Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Zine Review: Write More Letters

Write More Letters
The Radical Uprise Zine #030
PO Box 20233
Seattle WA 98102

Since the advent of the age of technology, it appears that the art of letter writing has become a fading practice. I've actually had numerous people defend the act of not writing letters, that “snail mail” is passé and that email / text / Facebook / instant messaging are far superior methods of communication.

But you can’t hold a Facebook post in your hands.

Emails are easily deleted.

What you wrote in that text will be forgotten in ten minutes.

Sometimes the easiest path isn’t the healthiest.

To convey the wonder of the heart and human connection, pen and paper letters are like manna from the gods and goddesses. In Write More Letters, Jetta guides you through the process seamlessly. Why write, how to calculate postage, fun things you can include with a letter to spice up your correspondence, and comments from letter writers about why they prefer letters to electronic communication.

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